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Lately Arrived from London Range by Barbara Brackman for Moda


Brand Moda

Lately Arrived from London

Designer:  Barbara Brackman

calicoes and chintzes. The collec- tion recreates fabrics from the turn of the 19th century when Americans imported their cottons. Traders brought the world’s luxury goods

to wharves in Philadelphia, Boston and New York. Each piece is named for a trading ship that sailed into American harbors---the Charming Betsy, the Brigantine Sally, the Ship Surprise.

The reproductions are copied from Dutch, Indian, French and Brit- ish document prints, the type ad- vertised in 1771 by John Hunt of New York. “Fine sprig’d muslins for gowns, fine border’d India and other chintzes; ... furniture calicoes.”

Colorways echo natural dyes with colors named for the styles of the times: China blue, India red, Pompadour purple, Nankeen tan and Muslin white. The prints range from a neat geometric and leafy sprigs suitable for a lady’s dress to “fur- niture calicoes,” the chintz-scale florals. The furniture calicoes in- clude a pillar print perfect for
an 18th-century bed hanging or a 21st-century quilt border.


100% High Quality Cotton Fabric

This fabric is sold by the Fat Quarter. Single quantities will be cut as fat quarters and multiple quantities are cut continuously with the final quarter of any odd-numbered quantity cut as a "skinny quarter". To purchase one metre, enter 4 in the quantity box.


1 quarter measures 50cm x 56cm
2 quarters measure 50cm x 114cm
3 quarters measure 75cm x 114cm
4 quarters measure 1m x 114cm

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