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Memory Lane by Nel Whatmore of Free Spirit Fabric


Brand Freespirit

Nel Whatmore - My new collection is Memory Lane, which I have just been designing a quilt for -- yesterday actually. I am lucky that I had three grandparents that lived until they were 103, 101 and 98, and so their influence on me and reflecting on times spent with them has given me many fond memories. I like looking back as well as forward as I feel older things have more soul and newer things fire my imagination. So Memory Lane was designed to be slightly retro and to be a collection of memories, from sitting in my Grandma's breakfast room, to visiting William Morris's house, Wightwick Manor, near my Mum’s, to doodling as a child and remembering the joy that brought me.


100% High Quality Cotton Fabric 

This fabric is sold by the Fat Quarter. Single quantities will be cut as fat quarters and multiple quantities are cut continuously with the final quarter of any odd-numbered quantity cut as a "skinny quarter". To purchase one metre, enter 4 in the quantity box.


1 quarter measures 50cm x 56cm
2 quarters measure 50cm x 114cm
3 quarters measure 75cm x 114cm
4 quarters measure 1m x 114cm

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