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From Outside In by Malka Dubrawsky for Moda


Brand Moda


I've always loved collecting things, odd things...receipts from a road trip, pennies found on walks, and bits of images from newspapers and magazines. I rarely know why I’m gathering these things, but I like the act of collecting.

I think of this group in terms of collections. Not just a collection in the literal sense of the word, but an amassing of images that I’ve encountered along the way, scooped up without really knowing why, and watched emerge here in the patterning for From Outside In. I encountered these patterns, out there, somewhere, and they’ve made their way through my brush or stamp here to be newly encountered as line or color or shape.


100% High Quality Cotton Fabric 

This fabric is sold by the Fat Quarter. Single quantities will be cut as fat quarters and multiple quantities are cut continuously with the final quarter of any odd-numbered quantity cut as a "skinny quarter". To purchase one metre, enter 4 in the quantity box.


1 quarter measures 50cm x 56cm
2 quarters measure 50cm x 110cm
3 quarters measure 75cm x 110cm
4 quarters measure 1m x 110cm

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